stupid fucking internet! OHMYGODDDDDDDFFFFUUUUUCCCKKKKK–not very ladylile, my apologies.

my internet thougt it would be cool to be a dumbfuck and stop working (or if it does work, it’s really slow). I’ve been forced to use my iPod and it corrects me every other word because my fatso thumbs arent so good with this tiny keyboard. I have the wordpress application on my iPod and I don’t need Internet doe it.

sEE IMWK NO Semse!!!!!!! Fuxkin keyboard. I was going to post pictures of … Well more pictures of tjw snow but this time they’re polaroids because my nikon was out of battery.

PS: I went to salvation army today (which was GREAT but really, I bought 4 cozy sweaters and a skirt. I needsomething new!!! I should go back or to another one) but the trip was overshadowed by a ………. sPEEDING TICKET. The cop was a total bitch too. You Massachusetts-ers BEWARE cuz they’re out to get you too for the big dig. Fuck fuck fuck

photo credit: dripbook


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