pretentious[pri-ten-shuh s] adjective

  1. full of pretense or pretension.
  2. characterized by assumption of dignity or importance.
  3. making an exaggerated outward show.

i read one of my old blogs. basically the prime example of this lovely ^word^. we’re not going to dwell on it.

moving on.

i didn’t go to school today. just couldn’t do it. we won’t talk about that either. but i did watch the graduate (for school). i did not like the ending. mrs. robinson sucks.

watch this.

going through the motions. life has no meaning anymore. i need to find a greater purpose (and no, i do not mean a greater religious purpose). i need to build a life worth living, as corny as it sounds. bleak. bleak bleak BLEAK.

photo credit: dripbook


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  1. love simon and garfunkel. And the movie is great.
    thanks for your comment by the way.

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