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Suicide is a fundamental human right. This does not mean that it is morally desirable. It only means that society does not have the moral right to interfere.”            -Thomas S. Szasz (Hungarian psychiatrist)


One response to “ABOUT

  1. WOW. I mean, wow. You are really going through something here. I just read your rant and I am feeling a lot of what you are, esp. in regards to my relationship (in this case, imagined) to the “big” bloggers. I want to be like them, I know I’m as smart as they are. I know I’m a better writer than they are. It’s just, like so many things, a question of dumb luck and some intangible star quality which apparently is acquired through either divine intervention or dogged persistence, neither of which have graced my life thus far…so for now, I’m an underling.

    I would say keep commenting, even if it seems futile. It sounds trite but that’s exactly how the big guys got started. If you scroll to the first 10-50 entries of even the most popular blogs (a favorite pastime of mine) most of them get few if any comments at the beginning. Despair not. At the very least you’re having fun with words. That’s got to be worth something.


    I’ll do a short tutorial on the jeans…but basically all you need is household bleach, a razorblade, really gritty sandpaper, and a little time.

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